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Dr. Valentyna Stolyarchuk

Dr. Valentyna Stolyarchuk

Associate Professor

Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Resort Business,

Higher Educational Establishment of Ukoopspilka

“Poltava University of Economics and Trade” (PUET),

Poltava, 36014

Country: UKRAINE


Tel: +380681549191

Expert Areas: Hospitality and Tourism; Innovation and Sustainable Development; Accommodation, Food and Beverage Services


Dr. Svitlana Hladchenko

Dr. Svitlana Hladchenko

Associate Professor

Department of Humanities & Socio-Economic Disciplines

Military Academy of Odessa

Odessa 65088

Country: UKRAINE


Tel: +380 677524088

Expert Areas: Gender Policy; Feminology; Women's Rights; Maghreb; Women's Political Organizations; UN; Islamic Feminism


Dr. Ahmad Hardan

Dr. Ahmad Hardan

Former Assistant Professor

Department of Accounting

University Malaysia Terengganu

& Financial Manager

Petronas for Real Estate Development


Country Name Affiliation & Email
Ukraine Dr. Oksana Lavruk (Associate Professor) Department of Management, Kamianets-Podilskyi Ivan Ohiienko National University, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine 32300. Email:
Ukraine Dr. Nataliia Korzhenivska, DSc (Associate Professor) Department of Economics, Business, Trade and Exchange Activities, Economics Faculty, State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podilia, Shevchenko str., 13, Kamianets-Podilsky, Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine, 32300. Email:
Ukraine Dr. Svitlana Belei (Associate Professor) Department of Accounting and Taxation, Yuriy Fedkovich Chernivtsi National University, Chernivtsi, Kotsyubynsky 2, Ukraine, 58012. Email:
Nepal Mr. Ramesh Chhetri (Programme Coordinator) Kaligandaki Polytechnic Institute, CTEVT, Ghiring-1, Puttar, Tanahu, Nepal. Email:
Nepal Dr. Nagendra Kumar Yadav (Forest and Environment Expert) Dhapakhel, Lalitpur-23, Nepal. Email:
Ukraine Dr. Viktoriia Kravchenko (Associate Professor of Psychology & Chair) Department of Social Sciences Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Email:,
Ukraine Dr. Valerii Nesterenko (Associate Professor) Department of Law, Professional and Social-Humanitarian Education, Higher Educational Institution “Podillia State University”, Ukraine. Email:
Ukraine Dr. Olga Oliinyk (Associate Professor) Department of Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Business, Kamenetz-Podolsk National University nomine Ivan Ogienko
Ukraine Dr. Ruslana Andrushko (Associate Professor) Department of Accounting and Auditing Lviv National Agrarian University (LNAU), Lviv, Ukraine. Email:

In Partnership with

Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Advisory Board

    Advisory Board

    * Prof. Dr. Ivanyshyn Volodymyr (Ukraine)



    Prof. Dr. Valeriy Tertychka Professor & Chair

    Kyiv-Mohyla School of Governance (KMSGov)

    National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Ukraine

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief

    Prof. Dr. Larysa Klymanska, Professor

    Department of Sociology and Social Work

    Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

    Prof. Dr. Santosh Kumar, Professor of Public Policy, & Dean

    School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies


    Managing Editor

    Dr. Hasrat Arjjumend

    Senior Fellow

    Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, Canada

    Associate Editor

    Dr. Mohanasundari Thangavel

    Assistant Professor (Economics)

    School of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India

    Mr. John Charles A. Altomonte

    Adjunct Faculty

    Ateneo School of Government

    Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

    Dr. Ansari P. A.

    Post Doctoral Researcher

    Centre for West Asian Studies

    Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University), India

    Editorial Board

    * Prof. Dr. George Mavrotas (Belgium)

    * Dr. Sigrid Pauwels (Belgium)

    * Prof. Dr. H. Hassan-Yari (Oman)

    * Dr. Noor Sulastry Y.A. (Oman)

    * Prof. Dr. Honor G. Fagan (Ireland)

    * Dr. Romeo B.Pacudan (Brunei Darussalam)

    * Prof. Dr. habil. Corina M. Radulescu (Romania)

    * Dr. Margarita Cheshmedzhieva (Bulgaria)

    * Dr. Kamelia Assenova (Bulgaria)

    * Dr. Virgil Nicula (Romania)

    * Dr. Vesna Mrdalj (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

    * Prof. Dr. Shulga Ievgenii Viktorovich (Ukraine)

    * Dr. Lesya Ilchenko-Syuyva (Ukraine)

    * Dr. Iryna Golyash (Ukraine)

    * Dr. Sam Noshadha (Ukraine)

    * Dr. Alla Pecheniuk (Ukraine)

    * Dr. Rinata Kazak (Ukraine)

    * Stephen J. Ternyik (Germany)

    * Prof. Dr. Scott Valentine (Japan)

    * Dr. Ornanong Benbourenane (UAE)

    * Dr. Bashir AbulQaraya (UAE)

    * Dr. Amany A. El Anshasy (UAE)

    * Dr. Mehrdad Mozayyan (UAE)

    * Dr. Sasidaran Gopalan (UAE)

    * Dr. Sumaia A. Al Kohlani (UAE)

    * Dr. Amani Abdullatif Omer (UAE)

    * Dr. Riham Khafagy (UAE)

    * Dr. Sabiha Alam (India)

    * Dr. Jatswan Singh (Malaysia)

    * Prof. Dr. Shakila Yacob (Malaysia)

    * Dr. Raja Noriza R. Ariffin (Malaysia)

    * Dr. Md. Nazmus Sadekin (Bangladesh)

    * Dr. Evelie P. Serrano (Philippines)

    * Prof. Dr. Judith D. Serrano (Mexico)

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