This statement applies about the policies, our procedures and actions about the complaints received to different journals published by The Grassroots Institute. We welcome the complaints and try our level best to solve the matters to the entire satisfaction of the complainant. We would like to inform our authors and readers to read and understand the instructions concerning different journals, because we will entertain only those complaints whose solutions and explanations are not given in the section of the journal.

Our Understanding about Complaints
  1. The meaning of complaint we understand is any type of unhappiness or dissatisfaction regarding the publication and policies of the journal.
  2. The complaint may be due to the long delay in publication or replies sought by the author.
  3. The complaint may also be about the decision of the editorial team or editors regarding the manuscripts of the author.
  4. Sometimes, the complaints may be about the rude responses or a misjudgment of the editorial team.
Our journals are aware about the following types of Complaints
  1. Complaints from the author.
  2. Complaints about plagiarism.
  3. Duplicate publication or submitting the article to various journal at the same time.
  4. Research results misappropriations.
  5. Complaints regarding the research errors and fraud.
  6. Violations of research standards.
  7. Conflicts of interest.
  8. Bias behavior of reviewers.
Editorial Complaints Policy

Our managing editor, staff and editors will take a prompt action on every complaint, irrespective of the authors, academicians or our readers and make their full efforts to solve and satisfy the person to their entire satisfaction. We, at the same time, do not consider every statement as a complaint, but if it a healthy criticism, we thank the person and try to improve our systems.

Policy for Handling Complaints

If the journal receives any complaints which infringes intellectual property rights or contains material, inaccuracies or unlawful material, the journal will immediately pay full attention, investigate about the various aspects of the complaint and try to solve and satisfy the complainants. Our journal staff and editors make their full efforts to improve the quality of the journal and minimize the mistakes to zero. However, we still accept that occasionally mistakes may occur.

Guiding Principles

Although, as we have started earlier, that we invite queries and entertain complaints for the continuous improvements of the journals’ quality and for the entire satisfaction of the authors and readers. We take minimum time (maximum 4 weeks) to solve the complaints of dissatisfaction. Sometimes, if there is a complaint from some other author that the present author by its actions or statements, harming the intellectual copy rights, we make arrangement for the discussion of both the parties to discuss & make the matter clear.

How to make a complaint

The complaints of the authors and readers should be sent to the Chief Editor with the name of the journal by email

Do you GENUINELY have any grievance in a matter related to processing or publishing of your manuscript, please write to us. As a responsible publisher, we will address your grievance with due diligence and full of your satisfaction.

To Drop Us A Message

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